Shipping & Pre-Orders



Our shipping is handled as delicately as our clients, with respect and care. That being said, and in all seriousness, our process for shipping encompasses several areas. Firstly the procurement of your items, secondly the careful packing and finally the consideration of a reliable service to deliver at competitive rates.

Dispatch times
Most orders that are received will be actioned within a 24-48 hour period, omitting weekends and/or public holidays or PRE-ORDERS.  

Delivery estimations
Within Australia: NSW/ACT/VIC/QLD Metro generally one (1) to four (4) days
Within Australia: SA/WA/NT/QLD/TAS Metro generally three (3) to nine (9) days
Zone 1 - New Zealand: Generally three (3) to five (5) business days
Zone 2 - Asia Pacific: Generally five (5) to twelve (12) business days
Zone 3 - Western Europe: Generally five (5) to twelve (12) business days
Zone 4 - North America & Middle East: Generally seven (7) to twelve (12) business days
Zone 5 - Rest of World: Generally eight (8) to fourteen (14) business days

Although the above is provided, we are not accountable for delivery/handling or transit times of your order due to the nature of freight in general. This is applicable to both local or international orders. If your order is urgent, we will do our best to cater to this although do stress that you may want to inform us so we can advise of most appropriate delivery service to work towards your time restraints. Transit times are tricky as the fulfilment is ultimately provided by third parties that we can not be held accountable for. Also note, above transit times can be impacted by Public Holidays, Weekends and in particular Peak Transit Times.

Restricted Shipping [rs]: Due to local licensing arrangements, any item that is deemed a US exclusive (albeit without stickers here) we are unable to ship to the USA or Canada. If you happen to buy one that has [rs], we will cancel your order and message to point this out. Any questions, please ask first.

Our procurement process
With the nature of our market, collectables, we procure our products and have them shipped in from all over the world entrusting them to some of the largest names in the freight industry. Some examples are below, although are not limited to:
- Australia Post
- RoyalMail

Preparation and Packaging of your items
Being collectors ourselves, we take great pride in packing your goods to ensure the safe arrival of your investment. In most situations, especially with pre-boxed items, we tend to double box your goods and use appropriate packing materials to minimise the effects of the journey on your products.

Our freight providers
With the various offerings in the way of sizes and weights of our products combined with the numerous destinations of our purchasers (buyers) we source the most appropriate and traditionally reliable service to suit our clients requirements. That being said, we have relationships that have access to and use some of the following freight providers, although not limited to:
- Australia Post
- FedeX

When our clients are local Australian Residents, we tend to draw on the expertise and cost efficiencies of Australia Post although sometimes extend this to TNT and others as we deem suitable. If our clients reside outside of the continent of Australia, we draw on the companies that best suit the destination countries of the order. An example is to America, we commonly use DHL with their expertise to fulfil this service.

As pre-orders represent a large portion of sales, both online and in store, within the collectables community it is important to note that ANY baskets/checkouts that included any PRE-ORDERS will not ship until all items are in stock ready to ship as per the original order. What this means? Any items that are in stock at time of order will be securely put aside and removed from sale until your pre-order item/s are also available.

Pre-orders make products that could be of high demand available to consumers ahead of launch date. This means that as retailers, we also place pre-order requests with our suppliers well in advance of launch dates to endeavour to secure products on our clients behalf. Whilst we do our best to ensure all pre-orders are fulfilled, there are some unfortunate albeit rare situations where orders are reduced with wholesalers for whatever reason is assessed by our distributors within Australia. We do our best to mitigate this by only releasing a small portion of what we actually order, allowing us to be a little more confident in the fulfilment process. Any queries, please ask us directly via contact details at the bottom of this page. 

Any shipping concerns or delays
Should you have any concerns, or are uncertain, about our postage and handling (shipping) terms we recommend you contact us at Lucas Arthur Pty Ltd t/as Collectors Code and we will happily assist. Our contact details are:
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +61 3 8324 0345
Postal: 43 Metrolink Cct Campbellfield 3061

Firstly, please check that your order did not include any pre-order products as items baskets/checkouts that included PRE-ORDERS will not dispatch until all products are on hand.