About Us


Just message if wanting to pick up any items and will accommodate though

Now lets get this straight, yes Collectors Code is a new site with our new location recently acquired. We are now just plotting it out how its to be, so feel free to drop in and check us out and to chat about what you would like to see in our showroom. We have run our collectables business in various manners over the last 20 or so years and traditionally out of a PO Box in Greensborough and our regular customers have always known how to get hold of us here, we just wanted to make it easier to drop in for a chat, a coffee or a coke…

Overall, we are still the people that are collectors at heart.. Namely Coca Cola, although only recently (say 12 years) we have managed to find an affiliation with Hot Toys collectables that was built upon during our numerous visits to Hong Kong where they just happen to be based.

Our goals are the same, to deliver rare and beautiful items for our customers in a timely and professional manner. Both done with a retail stocked preference although more importantly on a ‘source a collectable’ manner that we are known for. Need a coke item you cant find, or acquire at a reasonable rate? If so, set us a challenge and we will try and procure it for you! This only works well when everyones expectations are realistic, although as a fellow collector i am sure you have good reasoning skills ?

What do we sell?

We deal in collectables from yesteryear and also current well designed items as well. This includes figurines and die cast items along with our core product of interest being Coca Cola items incorporating bottles, signs, fridges, cars, doors and the list is never ending.. Although always changing…

If you have any queries, please shoot us an email or give us a call as we always welcome a chat or visit.